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Martin County - The Perfect Location for Eco-Conscious Lovers

Nature lovers are often brought together by their passion for the natural world, so it is little surprise that so many happy couples seek out the most beautiful and natural places available in which to celebrate their weddings and enjoy their honeymoons. Martin County offers both an amazing wealth of unspoiled locations and a good range of environmentally friendly wedding and honeymoon venues to suit even the most green-minded of couples. Eco-weddings are becoming more and more popular these days, as people seek to minimize their impact upon the environment and preserve the beauties of nature for future generations to enjoy. Martin County, with its abundance of eco-conscious amenities, can more than adequately fit this need.

Balancing Our Impact

The desire to reduce our impact upon the beauties of nature is frequently at odds with the desire to experience these beauties for ourselves. Weddings often trail a large carbon footprint, and eco-conscious, nature-loving couples often face the agonizing decision of whether or not to have their wedding in the beautiful, natural surroundings they love so much, or to opt for an environmentally cleaner but rather more prosaic setting. However, things are looking up for green-minded lovers. Many companies are wising up to the public’s desire for clean, green weddings, and are making strenuous efforts to reduce their environmental impact of someone’s big day. Cruise liners are a case in point. Until recently, cruise weddings were disastrous for the environment – but demand for cruising to become cleaner has seen the industry make a drastic turnaround. Cruise lines worldwide have made concerted efforts to offset their carbon footprints and reduce their environmental impact – and have had some great results. Getting married on board a cruise ship now, therefore, combines the wonders of nature with a clean environmental conscience. Many businesses and venues in Martin County have also taken on board this concept, and set themselves out with environmental concerns at the fore.

Venues for Nature Lovers

For those who wish to celebrate their nuptials close to nature, but with plentiful facilities to ensure that the day goes without a hitch, River Palm Cottages and Fish Camp is the ideal location. Situated on the Indian river, this venue is both gorgeously appointed and brimming with natural beauty. The cottages blend beautifully with their environment, while the grounds are planted with tropical palms from which hammocks swing in the gentle ocean breezes. Lush tropical flowers top off the location, and make it the ideal spot for lovers of the outdoors. However, those looking for an indoor venue will do better to contact the Seminole Inn. This location provides a sense of Old Florida grandeur, and has a gentle mystery about it which entices and entrances. Sweeping staircases and graceful cypress-wood fittings serve to make this a quite magical venue in which to tie the knot. It also allows nature lovers to indulge their passions for the outdoors, as it is close to the Old Kissimmee River upon which the Inn offers fishing and wildlife tours. This river is relatively untouched by man, and many rare species thrive within its waters and along its shores. They also offer buggy tours across the Dupuis Preserve Swamp – in which much wildlife resides.

Honeymoon Activities

Honeymooning lovers will not be short of places in which to enjoy the wonders of nature should they choose to visit Martin County. The glorious Bathtub Beach is perfect for a romantic evening stroll, while the more adventurous can camp, paddle, hike and enjoy the wildlife at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. A great way to explore natural Florida is to paddle up the creeks and along the coastline. As the paddle slides you silently through the water, the wildlife continues about its business undisturbed and the landscape unfurls itself before you. Treasure Coast Paddle offer stand up paddle board lessons, rental, and organized trips (as well as yoga lessons, to help you limber up for the experience!). If you’re just looking for a nice spot to enjoy a picnic, Sandsprit Park is the perfect location. Lapped by the sea on all sides and basking in the Florida sun, this is the ideal place from which to enjoy a bite to eat and the company of your partner. If you’d rather be more active, and enjoy the experience of wildlife-spotting together, then Sunshine Wildlife Tours come highly recommended. They offer marine tours during which you are likely to see dolphins, sea turtles, and much more.

 -Contributor, Susie Carrow


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